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Division 3

Concrete Supplies & Services

Guaranteed Supply is your one-stop-shop for all your concrete supply needs. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a successful project by providing top-quality materials and services. We offer the option to take off materials from project specifications and provide approvable alternatives, streamlining the process for our customers. Our in-house truck fleet enables us to offer same or next-day delivery, and our Moffet-equipped trucks make offloading at job sites a breeze. From purchase to delivery, Guaranteed Supply has you covered.


  • Core and Drill bits

  • Curb Roller Curbing Machines

  • Cure Methods

  • Drainage

    • Filter Fabrics - Woven/Non-woven
  • Expansion Joints

  • Forming Accessories

    • Lumber
    • Forming Tubes
    • Plyform
    • Forming Lumber
    • PSF
  • Grade Chairs

  • Joint Treatments

  • Polymer Trench Drain

  • Rebar

    • We offer standard options - 20 ft, size 3-11. For fabricated rebar orders, check out our sister company - JMS Rebar
  • Repair Products

  • Safety Supplies

  • Sealants

  • Sealers

  • Slab Bolsters/Upper Continuouos

  • Structural Epoxies

  • Tapes

  • Vapor Barriers and Vapor Retarders

  • Wall Bracing

  • Wall Rubs

  • Waterstops

  • Wire Mesh

We Fabricate Our Own Rebar

Available for Standard and Custom Orders
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Decorative Concrete Stamp Rentals

  • Full Range of Increte Color Hardeners Available
  • Mix and Match Any Color with In-House Color Machine

Talk to Our Experts

Jerry Dockery

Flatwork, Tilt Up,

Brad Wallace

General Construction Specialist,

Jeff Mink


Richie Rhew

General Contractor, Sealants,

Thayer Davis

Concrete, Multifamily,

Bryce Sanders

Lumber Specialist,

Cheryl Small

Multifamily, Residential Construction,

Chris Hillyard

Decorative Concrete Specialist, General Construction Specialist,

Chuck Hughston

Concrete, General Contractor, Waterproofing,

Walt Bell

Accessories, Concrete, Masonry, Precast,

Yorke Sweat

Flatwork, Tilt Up,

John Shostek


Kenny Squires

Highrise Restoration, Renovation,

Rob Baxter

General Construction Specialist, Tools,

Judy Jorgensen

Virginia Sales Manager

Cell: (757) 342-6873

Zack Van Auken

Concrete, Military Base Specialist,

Jerrie Gallos

EIFS Stucco, General Construction Specialist,

Eric Fearn

EIFS Stucco, General Construction Specialist,

Peter Stewart

General Construction Specialist,