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Division 7

Thermal & Moisture Protection

Guaranteed Supply is a premier distributor of Thermal and Moisture Protection products. We are committed to providing our clients with high-quality materials sourced from trusted vendors such as Sika, Tremco, and Dow-Sil. Our extensive product inventory ensures that our customers have access to the materials they need to complete their projects successfully.


  • Air Barriers

    • Fluid and Sheet Applied
  • Backer Rod

    • Closed-Cell
    • Open-Cell
    • Sof-Rod
    • Hot-Rod
  • Crack Sealers/Healers

    • Injection Epoxies
    • Urethane Grout
  • Damp-proofing

    • Water and Solvent Based
  • Drainage and Protection Board

    • Filter Fabric
    • Corrugated and Solid Pipe
  • Flashing Membranes

    • Fluid and Sheet Applied
  • Hand Tools

  • Insulation

    • EPS
    • XPS
    • Polyiso
    • Rock Wool
  • Joint Sealants

    • Urethane
    • Silicone
    • STPE
    • Butyl
  • Polyurea

  • Power Tools

  • Structural Waterproofing

    • Crystalline
    • Blindside
    • Negative and Positive Side
  • Wall Coatings

    • Elastomeric
    • Acrylic
    • Silicone
  • Water Repellants

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General Construction Specialist,

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Restoration Specialist,

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Sealants, Waterproofing,

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General Construction Specialist,

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Dow-Sil Specialist,

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Highrise Restoration, Renovation,

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EIFS Stucco, General Construction Specialist,

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EIFS Stucco, Masterwall,

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EIFS Stucco, General Construction Specialist,

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